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Agro Monofilament Yarn

Agro wires are specially designed monofilaments made to substitute conventional steel cables and wires. Monofilament yarns and wires are manufactured through a crystallisation and extrusion process of Virgin and Recycled Polyester. This process helps the properties within the monofilament wires to develop in a way that they can replace the conventional steel wires and cables used in multiple industries.

Areas of Usage:
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Vineyards
  • Fisheries Net and Fishing Lines
  • Braided Wire Sleeves
  • Orchards
  • Cover Cropping

  • Wind Breakers
  • Greenhouses for shading and roofing
  • Safe Fences for Animal Husbandry
  • Cover for Dams and Ponds
  • Marine Cultivation

Advantages of Agro Monofilament Wires:

  • Anti-radiation – The property of absorbing ultraviolet rays provides it longevity.
  • Not affected by ambient temperature – the polyester monofilament yarn shows stable physical properties under the condition of extremely cold or hot weather.
  • Not easily stretchable – as the stretch rate of the polyester thread is low, it can be quickly tensioned and can maintain a tensioned state for a long time.
  • The surface is smooth, corrosion-resistant, non-moisture absorbing, and ageing-resistant.
  • Rusting and corrosion, like steel wires, can be avoided as polyester wires do not absorb moisture.
  • Agro wires are lighter than steel cables, making handling and installation much easier and faster.
  • Stability against extreme temperatures prevents melting and damage to the plastic film covering used in greenhouses, which are used to protect plants against frost damage.
  • The non-corrosive nature of agro wire exhibits good resistance to chemicals and fertilisers, and hence lasts longer.
  • Agro wire is not harmful to plants, animals or the environment.
  • It does not conduct electricity, making it a safe alternative during lightning.

▣ Sizes Available: 0.35mm to 3.5mm

▣ Colours Available: White, Black, Red, Green – Other colours as per order

▣ Production Capacity: Over 150 tons per month

▣ Industrial Application: Agriculture, Fisheries, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Braided Wire Sleeves

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