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Zipper Monofilament Yarn

We manufacture high-quality zipper monofilament yarn, expertly crafted using optimum grade raw materials, in our state-of-the-art facility. The monofilaments used in zippers must possess a number of different physical properties to work with different coiling or weaving systems. Our yarns exhibit resistance to many alkalis, high tenacity, low and high temperature, and UV radiation. They are produced with close tolerances and a high degree of consistency. Owing to its colour fastness and optimum strength, our monofilament yarn finds its usage in garments, packaging, and luggage.

  • Available in recycled as well as virgin quality
  • Can be made in all colours DTM
  • Elongation and shrinkage can be customised as per the requirement
  • Good Tensile Strength
  • Packed in 15 kg Bobbin Spool

Monofilament Yarns for Zipper Industry

  • 0.50 mm zipper used majorly in children’s garments and for handbags
  • 0.68 mm zipper used for making apparel grade zipper, backpack, handbag zipper, and packaging grade zipper.
  • 0.78 mm zipper used for making  soft luggage zipper 
  • 1.05 mm zipper used for making hard luggage zipper

▣ Sizes Available: 0.35mm to 1.05mm

▣ Colours Available: White, Black, Golden, Red – Other colours as per order

▣ Production Capacity: Over 150 tons per month

▣ Industrial Application: Garments, Bags & Luggage, Packaging

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